The Annual points competition will be held at Greenacres.

There is an Entry form on Province Notice Board or you may send email to Bobby Corbett:

If sending mail please ensure you include your name, phone, email and club.

Please note that there is no charge to players as this is included in your Club's annual subscription to the Province.

This is the final act of the curling season and it is a game that tests your ability to play (or practice) the skills required to be the rounded curler you always wanted to be!

It is far from serious - although some do take it very seriously despite the smiles on their faces. There is very much a spirit of camaraderie as all face the same problems of trying to judge the best way to play each shot.

The competition takes the form of a series of set skill shots that everyone takes turns to play and despite the spectators it is possible to lose yourself in what is going on. Chances are you will enjoy yourself!

Go on - take the challenge!